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Bigger Picture Thinking in the Mining Industry
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The need for bigger picture thinking

An old Chinese proverb says: “Unless we change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”

This may seem perfectly obvious, but in business it is necessary to be poised for swift change. Industries, technologies, legislative and economic factors are continuously evolving. Environments such as mining where the movement of material along a value chain supported by fixed and mobile equipment, require constant re-evaluation to ensure optimal performance as change take place.

The universal driver in the mining industry today is the need to reduce the cost per ton of producing the target production while continuously delivering shareholder value. Key to this drive is the optimisation of business processes and the correct use of supporting information technology.

This optimisation is achieved by clearly defining the value chain and identifying the key improvement drivers
at the operation or corporate level of the business and then to provide tangible levers to effect such change. Faced with these challenges and the drive to match international standards with respect to cost and production drivers, mining companies are increasingly investigating improvement initiatives and options towards optimisation.

Tomahee Consulting Services, a young, dynamic consultancy, has extensive experience in mining and related information technology. Through our comprehensive consulting services we have the ability to apply our skills in transforming sub-optimal mining processes improving on the productivity and efficiencies of extracting the mining reserve.

Supported by the strong business relationships we build with our clients, we develop a detailed view of a mine’s current and future state and facilitate a process of bridging the gap towards the ideal or desired “way of work”.
Optimisation through Excellence
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