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Our Solutions

Solutions at an Operational Level

Recent solutions delivered to our clients:

  • Implementation and configuring of information technology to support the standardisation and reporting of business critical key performance indicators also known as a Mining Information System.
  • Developing a systems integration philosophy across mine technical, mining and commercial systems.
  • Formalisation and standardisation of best practices across mining operations.
  • Developing of process flow maps, supporting manuals and standard operating procedures aimed at improved mining practices.
  • Best practice roll-out and maturity growth strategies.
  • Preparation and documentation of mine works programmes for mining rights conversions.
  • Business needs analysis on operational key performance metrics towards configuring for maximum functionality on supporting systems.
  • Develop and roll-out of company specific protocol and conventions for the electronic CAD drafting environment to standardise at a group level of the business.

At the operational level of the business we provide the following services:

Consulting on process flow optimisation:

Based on best practices within a mining group or commodity, Tomahee employs standard modelling tools suited for the mining industry to map out current process flows of the operation. We then develop, with the client, a best practices blueprint in a format ready for roll-out against an agreed maturity growth strategy or journey.

Consulting on business systems:

Tomahee has a proven track record in mining consulting with a history of following a structured and clearly defined approach when interacting with the client. This service ranges from assisting the client in the preparation of a business case to the identifying, evaluation, selection, configuring and roll-out of systems according to a specific business need. At a
systems interface level our services range from assisting the client in defining high level system interface philosophies to detail data elements in the information flow within the IT architecture of the business.

Supporting Services:

Tomahee provides a project and program management support service, using proven project management tools and methodologies to ensure that expected business benefits are actually achieved within the constraints of the agreed budget and time. Our supporting services also include pure technical consulting such as special investigation and recommendations to address specific operational challenges at the mine.
Optimisation through Excellence
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