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Success Stories

BHP Billiton Energy Coal SA PIMS Project

BECSA identified that information on their production and equipment performance measures were lacking a common basis for standardised reporting across operations, a maturity within the business which is imperative in providing “one version of the same truth” at a corporate level of the business. They required assistance in developing a strategy for the implementation of a production information management and fleet management system to access real-time and end of shift or period operational information on their key mining indicators.

We conducted a business needs analysis on the critical production performance indicators at each of the operations. Having concluded this successfully, we played an important role to table a system evaluation strategy that support their specific business needs, and then assisted them in selecting the appropriate
software against a customised evaluation template. Once the software was selected, we played a vital role in ensuring that configuration of the solution supports the business need of providing in time operational information to the various process owners.

We also provided a project management services during the implementation of the systems which included the implementation of a data radio network coverage required to transmit business critical operational data from the opencast working environment to a central control room. Our combined understanding of the data radio network coverage technology and the mining environment was a distinct advantage in overcoming the challenge posed by deep open cuts and as a result were able to optimise the required network coverage.

BHP Billiton Energy Coal SA Integrated Mine Planning Standardisation

Tomahee was tasked with assisting in developing BHP Billiton “best practice” mine planning processes for BECSA, on their opencast mine planning. This project involved the formalisation and standardisation of “best practices” on all short-term planning activities for opencast planning. These include dragline, coaling, drill and blast and environmental planning processes. As part of this drive we also assisted in developing best practice blueprints for the geological and survey services departments that support the mine planning cycle. The project involved the development of process flow maps and detailed supporting manuals including standard operating procedures. These procedures detail the optimal business rules supporting each of the activities within the process flow. In addition to standardisation and formalisation of business rules this project also result in the retention of the company knowledge on mine planning.

During phase II of the project Tomahee provided an overall programme management function for the roll-out
of their integrated mine planning project. The successful roll-out of this project at the time has been viewed as business critical to the company as a whole.

We were tasked to also assist the client in developing a roll-out and maturity growth strategy that supports the new “way of work”. During this phase we ensured that the standardisation and formalisation of best practices were entrenched.

Tomahee furthermore assisted in capturing the business rules on data flow between their new planning systems and other systems reporting on planned, actual and forecast parameters of the business. This information was reworked and presented in a manner that provided BECSA with important information on the business strategy on interfacing between planning, other mining and corporate systems.

Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. Conversion Application

Impala Platinum Mines took a strategic decision to pursue compliance to the Mineral and Petroleum Resource and Development Act in converting from old order to new order mining rights. As part of the conversion application a Mine Works Programme had to be developed to report on various aspects of the mining business as a whole. This included detailed operational and financial indicators of the business over the total life of the mine.

To compile this report for the client, an intensive knowledge of all the processes of the mining value
chain is required; we were tasked with completing the programme on their behalf. We were required to interact with all the various process owners to collect and evaluate relevant information needed for the compilation of the report, and to complete the Mine Works Programme in a format ready for final submission to the Department of Minerals and Energy Affairs. This was done for all the Impala shafts in the Rustenburg area, the mineral processing plants and refineries, as well as their Marula operation in the Steelpoort area in the Eastern Bushveld Complex.
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