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Matching your FMS needs to the best technology

Tomahee has a core focus at the operational level of the business and our proven and refined approach and methodology in capturing the business imperatives and key performance indicators regarding mobile equipment renders us unique within the mining industry. Tomahee also understand the inter-relation and sequencing that should exist between the various types of equipment to ensure that the mining process is optimized. These as well as the systems supporting various mining process equipment, forms the basis from which we conduct business needs analysis that addresses the specific operational reporting needs of our clients.

The manner in which current or future FMS would support the business requirements and operational key performance indicators portrayed in the original needs analysis now constitute the next level of service to our clients. Tomahee has comprehensive knowledge of all the major fleet management systems currently in operation around the world and their specific functionality. At this stage we assist our clients through the entire evaluation up to the final selection of a FMS that suits their specific business need. We use our extensive insight into the fleet management systems available in the market, combined with our intimate knowledge of our client’s operations, to narrow the selection to those systems that most closely match their requirements and budget.
In the case of existing systems, we will also shed light on the level to which current systems support the operation’s specific requirements and the business benefits to be gained from improving current systems support.

Our commitment towards ensuring that our clients receive the anticipated or called for business benefits does not end here. We back up our requirement analysis and recommendations by providing a facilitation, coordination and quality assurance service.  This is aimed towards implementing or configuring the desired benefits. Our teams understand the mining business and as a result of our mining background, relate well with the various stakeholders at the operations. We build lasting relations with our clients primarily because we understand their needs.

Tomahee also performs similar exercises with respect to other processes along the mining value chain promoting effective system integration not only across the mining value chain but also across mining operations. At all times, our eye is on the bigger picture of optimisation at the operational level ensuring that the strategic intent of the business is effectively executed.
Mining Systems: Business Needs Analysis
Optimisation through Excellence
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